Our enrichment programs and community workshops offer great opportunities for parent-child interaction.

LEAP Programming Summer Enrichment Programs

For over 100 years, “Community” has remained one of DIC’s core values and has served as a beacon toward fulfilling our mission of empowering children. The Learning, Enrichment, and Achievement Programs (LEAP) consist of four components mentioned below and will be offered throughout the year for families and children with special needs, ranging from early childhood through 8th grade.

Parent-Child Interaction Groups

(For ages 0-5 years old)

Parent-Child Interaction Groups are offered throughout the week at both locations. A Parent-Child Interaction Group is a parent (caregiver) and child playgroup led by a professional guiding children as they learn to interact with one another, increasing socialization and literacy skills.

Parent-child interaction groups encourages the child’s social development, eases the transition to school, and improves overall health, while providing educational, social, and emotional health support to parents and caregivers.

Summer & After-school


(For ages 3-8 years old)

The summer component of LEAP consists of both in-person, teletherapy and at-home enrichment activities. Summer days are packed with fun activities while addressing issues related to speech communication, motor skill development, and behavioral issues based on a child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed by their school. We offer this program at the multiple locations.

After School

(Kindergarten to 8th grade)

LEAP supports school-age children year-round. During the academic year, we will provide additional assistance in tutoring such as reading and math. We offer fun activities that work on teamwork, leadership, respect and increase socialization with peers.

We offer this program at Marygrove.

Family & Community Workshops

Family and community engagement offers families support to assist them in the process of championing their child’s needs. We offer educational workshops for parents, caregivers, professionals, and others involved in the care and support of children with special needs. Topics such as Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom, IEP 101, and How Sensory Processing Impacts Behavior and Learning.

Special trainings are updated on the website on a regular basis.
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