Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is an intervention service that focuses on improving a child’s speech and abilities to understand and express language, including nonverbal language. Speech therapists, or speech and language pathologist (SLPs), are the professionals who provide these services. Speech therapy includes two components: 1) coordinating the mouth to produce sounds to form words and sentences; and 2) understanding and expressing language. In addition, the role of SLPs in treating swallowing disorders has broadened to include all aspects of feeding. 


Individual & Group

DIC offers both online individual and group therapy. Teletherapy allows us to take advantage of today’s technology and support our families when they cannot visit our clinics in person. With a reliable Web-connected device, child and therapist can connect and work together toward therapy goals by interacting with each other on-screen. Teletherapy also provides a valuable opportunity for therapists to develop home programs with your family–especially when incorporating strategies for self-care skills and/or sensory regulation. During virtual “home visits”, our therapist can collaborate with you on custom, goal-oriented solutions in your home.

For more information about our teletherapy services, please call 248.926.0909 ext. 225.



Individual therapy will develop and individualized treatment plan focusing on helping the child improve their independence in all aspects of their daily life. Services may include assessment of cognitive functioning, evaluation of daily activity performance, comprehensive evaluation/adaption of the child’s home, workplace, or school environments to improve safety and functional performance, recommendations for adaptive equipment and training in its use, and guidance and education for family members and caregivers.  

To meet with one of our occupational therapists in person, please call 248.926.0909 ext. 225 to schedule an appointment. 


Language & Learning

Adaptive learning solution that accelerates reading and language proficiency for students in grades PreK-6. Designed to supplement core literacy instruction, Imagine Language & Literacy provides instruction and practice in all four domains of literacy -reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

Social Skills

This group is designed to encourage social, reciprocal, and communicative skills in a playful atmosphere. Emphasis will be placed on sharing, taking turns, parallel, and cooperative play.

For more information about any of our groups, please call 248.926.0909 ext. 225.


If you have additional questions or need more information regarding speech services, please call 248.926.0909 ext. 225.

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