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Executive Staff
Marge Resmer LaRuffa - Chief Executive Officer
Marge’s passion for and commitment to serving children with special needs and families knows no bounds. She brings an extensive background to her role, having held senior executive positions in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as having provided consulting to companies in strategic leadership, performance improvement, and employee engagement. She has been recognized by the American Society for Training and Development for her work in innovative approaches to customer service and organizational performance improvement.
Mike Rhoads - Director of Special Needs Services

For Families

Special Needs Services

His work in developing services that best meet the needs of children with special needs and their families reflects Mike’s strong commitment to our mission. Mike has held business development, information technology, and program management leadership positions in a variety of for profit and non-profit organizations. His expertise includes planning, and the execution of business development activities designed to attract, satisfy, and retain customers. He has demonstrated success in developing new business within the professional marketplace and in managing and growing existing accounts.
Ara Hachigian – Special Needs Services and Talent Manager
Ara brings a diverse background of both customer service related leadership positions as well as business to business and human resource management knowledge.  Ara’s passion for his community in addition to his vast experience in building and maintaining customer and client relationships allows him to provide our employees and clients with the best possible experience.  Ara’s love for family and children is indicative of his strong commitment to our mission.

Your generous support helps us ensure all our children and their families reach their individual goals

Financial Information and Policies

Board of Directors

David DeBrunner, Chair
Becky Davenport
Anne Stafford, Secretary
Kevin Liederbach, Treasurer
Bruce Friedman, Past Chair
Laura Huebner, Past Chair
Dr. David Benjamins
Libby Candler
Maureen Conway
Paige George
Robin Heller
Jean Hull
Scottie Knight
Jody Kommel
Patricia O'Brien, PhD, LP
Fay Savage
Christie Scoggin
Rosa Thomas